Swimming Pool New Caanan CT

Real Estate Photography

I love photographing houses and bringing out the light and feel of the rooms.....Let's face it, your first showing is online.....and you better have fabulous fotos because that is what brings the Buyers, not a floor plan...in fact many agents tell me they are overrated and can actually deter a...

Collette Harron, Realtor

Headshots In the Studio

After years and years of shooting head shots and portraits, I can say with great confidence that I can get anyone to relax in front of the camera......and there is always great music in my studio!! The one phrase I hear over and over again is " I hate having my picture taken" to which I reply,...

Team Photo Cornerstone Real Estate

People On Location

What makes a really good environmental portrait???

First you have to find the light and a great setting, and then you have to connect with the people be they kids, musicians, actors, executives, whomever...and the rest comes easy!! Stylish, fun, natural, and always awesome photos!!

Misty Dock Essex CT

Everything Else That's Artsy

Still lifes, iPhone, landscapes, bits and pieces of shoots, all too pretty to not be viewed.