People On Location

What makes a really good environmental portrait???

First you have to find the light and a great setting, and then you have to connect with the people be they kids, musicians, actors, executives, whomever...and the rest comes easy!! Stylish, fun, natural, and always awesome photos!!

Team Photo Cornerstone Real Estate
The E-List Business Photo
Business Photo Matt Cross Coaching
Business Photo on Location Roberta Lombardi
Executive Business Coach Matt Cross
The Healer
Family Portrait of 5 Siblings
Erica with Red Laptop
Krista Laughing on the Beach at Sunset
Mamadou Kelly African Musician from Mali
Ellen Reading in her Window Seat
She Bakes Bread in her Kitchen
Cousins Family Photo
Krista is Driftwood
16 Year Old Boy in Jean Jacket
Little Girl with Roses
Girl With Sunlight in her Hair
She's in Charge
Ashleigh, Senior Portrait
Sisters in Leopard and Fur
Building Birdhouses
Waiting for the Train
Portrait in Madison CT
Female Excecutive
By The River Hudson
Una Sorella e  Un Fratello
Family Portrait on the Rocks
Sunset Silhouette
Donkey Nose
Greenhouse Gardner
Family Portrait and Sunglasses