Headshots In the Studio

After years and years of shooting head shots and portraits, I can say with great confidence that I can get anyone to relax in front of the camera......and there is always great music in my studio!! The one phrase I hear over and over again is " I hate having my picture taken" to which I reply, "that's my specialty!!"

Collette Harron, Realtor
Sue Woods
Eric Conti
Hilary Reid
Ally and Joe Penrose Realtors
Catherine Feleppa Camenga
Penny and Paul Smyth
Kathy Moniello
Nikki Travoligno Team Photo
Austin Miller
Bonnie McManamy
Janet Cronin-Rumanoff
Laurie Mazzeo
Susan Lyle Rodenberg
Jacquie Beckwith
Roberta Lombardi
Sepehr Sajjad MD
Cathy Lynch
Shelly Cumpstone
Nikki Travoligno
Debbie Isabel Realtor
Kostas Vassilakis
Heather Gagnon
Tony Walstra
Nancy and Ashley
Merritt Family Portrait
Chris Henry
Erin Morrison
Dean Eubank
Emily  Knight
Yolanda and Bella
Onyx Guilford CT
Camille Murphy
Nick Cavaliere
Paula "PB" Baraket
Dana Pellegrino
Greg Gallagher
Judy Libby
Tony Semproni
Debra Pardeles
Mathew Carney Attorney